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Maths tutoring - My work

I am a strong believer in the value of examples when learning mathematics: just with instances can you learn if you have comprehended the theme. Mathematics is far from just finding out solutions and also equations by heart!

At lessons we will certainly check out the subjects that you require assistance with through worked examples, accumulating your self-confidence and abilities until you could address them independently.

Maths does need an academic basis, yet the technical information could be made far more appealing by linking them with applications to exercises.

To evaluate your progression, we will pick a way to monitor your success, which will be various for everyone. You may intend to be able to take on a certain style of enquiry more consistently, or to complete exam-style enquiries. Whatever it is, we will certainly work in the direction of smaller sized objectives on the way there, to assist you to appreciate the improvements you are making.

I have actually now completed several years of studying maths, and with that comes a big number mathematics exams! Over time I have discovered strategies that assist me to perform to the very best of my capability, even under stress. With each other we could determine what exactly will benefit you, and also establish your personal toolbox of tactics in order to help you succeed in the examination.

Inevitably, I do not assume that there is a real one-size fits all way to learn maths, however by working one-to-one I believe that there is a method for everybody.